Inventory Management Software for Ecommerce software is a multifunctional online inventory and sales management system. Combine and control all areas of your business in one place
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One inventory management software for complete ecommerce control software combines an inventory, warehouse and sales management solutions. Our online system makes it possible to manage inventory in all warehouses in different countries from a single account, while collaborating with fullfilment centers. also integrates with a range of marketplaces and trading platforms to synchronize inventory and collect orders from all distribution channels.
And the flexible reporting system allows you to analyze your results and grow your business effectively.

One account
for everything

With one account, you can connect several of your companies at once. For each company, you can add your own sales channels and set custom settings for notifications, invoices, and deliveries. In the future, you can also use the same account to work with a fulfilment center.


Gather complete information about your inventory in one place. Keep track of stock in all your warehouses, allocate and move goods between warehouses, define storage locations, label and scan parcels. Manage your inventory in real time.


With the order management features, you can process and execute orders quickly and efficiently. You can receive orders from all online stores and marketplaces automatically or create them manually. You also have a separate function for processing returns.

Multichannel Order Management

Thanks to integration with marketplaces and online shops allows you to manage all your orders in one place. At the same time, the system constantly updates stock levels for all sales channels, so that the number of available items is always up-to-date.
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The software can be integrated with mobile barcode scanners. This simplifies the work of goods receipt or transfer in the warehouse, inventory and picking. Using a barcode scanner is a must for effective inventory management.


You can manage any item in – set the price, determine the status, change the inventory and enter comments for employees. You can also create sets and variations, link multiple products and much more. A special feature of software is the functionality that allows you to create offers directly in the system and upload them to the marketplace.

Reports software allows you to generate and upload reports on sales, stock balances, shipments and returns. And using a flexible filter system you can create and upload individual reports according to your desired parameters. With detailed reports you can make decisions for your business development easier.

with FBA has a very extensive functionality for working with Amazon FBA. You can create shipments to FBA, process returns, change product information directly from the system, create detailed reports and much more.

Many companies have already entrusted their business to software

Automate inventory management using integrations

By choosing software, you get a number of benefits

Using software is simple and straightforward, thanks to detailed free manuals and instructional videos on the system.
Technical Support

Each company has a free individual chat room where professional managers advise and answer all questions regarding the use of

on Demand software develops according to the clients’ needs. We are always open to dialog and ready to implement new features upon your request.

Partnership with
3PL Сompanies software is also used by major fullfilment centers around the world. You can easily start a partnership with them using your account.
GR-Trade GmbH

Denis Grenz

marks-up software was a great solution for managing our fast-growing business. We started our ecommerce journey with Amazon and Ebay, but gradually entered new marketplaces and opened an online store. Using a system for inventory and sales management became a necessity.’s web-based software met all of our needs. All stock is now under control, we have forgotten about overselling and reduced the percentage of errors in order fulfillment. Special mention should be made of Amazon FBA functionality. It has really made our work much easier.


Optimise your inventory management with online system


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