Inventory Management Software for Woocommerce

Integrate your Woocommerce store with software for efficient inventory management automation
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Features of software for Woocommerce inventory and order management

Manage your stock, orders and products in your Woocommerce store with the powerful tools of software

Multi Locations Inventory

Connect one or multiple warehouses to track your inventory. The system allows you to both connect all stocks of the same product and separate them. You can specify which stocks from which warehouses are to be counted. Accordingly, stocks from other warehouses will not be transferred to your Woocommerce store.

Stock Tracking

Product inventory level data is automatically transferred to your Woocommerce store. All inventory changes are taken into account – product arrivals, FBA shipments, orders from all sales channels. Thus, product availability data will always be up-to-date so you’ll be able to avoid overselling.

Order management

All Woocommerce orders are automatically uploaded to for further processing. You can make changes to the shipping address, delivery rules, change the configuration of the order, leave comments and much more.

Order fulfillment

A detailed status system will be available to you for order fulfillment. For each stage of execution there is a corresponding status. This way you can monitor the execution of each order, sort orders by status and view the history of changes, which is saved for each order.

Product management

The software provides you with a tool for exporting product information to WordPress. You can fill in the fields with the product name and description, add photos and features and export the information to the online store directly in This way you can create new products in the store as well as change the information in the already created products.

Reporting has many built-in reports that allow you to analyze the success of your Woocommerce store. You can use them to analyze sales, compare sales across all platforms, find unprofitable and illiquid products, analyze changes in inventory levels and much more. inventory management software in addition to Woocommerce integrates with other popular marketplaces


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