Multi-Channel Inventory and Order Management

Powerful multi-channel inventory and order management software. Combine all your warehouses, companies and sales channels in one account for efficient business management
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Manage inventory and orders at the product, channel, or company level.

Collect all orders in one system software integrates with many e-commerce platforms, so you can collect all your orders in one place. Integrations include such popular platforms as Amazon, Ebay, Shopify and Woocommerce. You can find a full list of platforms here.

If your platform isn’t on the list, that’s not a problem. With Shipstation integration, you can connect to many platforms that doesn’t have direct integration with. The integration allows you to automatically upload new orders to in near real-time for further processing and fulfillment.

Connect multiple companies

Do you have multiple e-commerce companies? Then is the ideal solution for you. With one account you can connect multiple companies and connect the appropriate sales channels for each company. The companies can have different products as well as a common product. And if you work with a preparation center or a fulfillment center, each company has its own connection. This way, you can manage your business comprehensively from one system.

Manage inventory

Connect your warehouses and fulfillment centers and distribute your inventory across multiple marketplaces. You have the option to consolidate your inventory for one product or split it. software allows you to assign a list of platforms for each warehouse, where you can count the inventory from that warehouse. With all the settings, the software transfers the inventory information for each product to the platforms in real time. And when a product is purchased on one platform, the inventory is reduced on all platforms.

Manage the cost of products has a feature that allows you to set the retail value of a product and send it to platforms. You can set an individual product price for each platform. You can also set up automatic product-level pricing schemes for each platform that take into account the purchase price and markup.

Analyze efficiency has a large number of built-in reports, including a sales report for all platforms. This way you can analyze the results and draw conclusions about the efficiency of one or another sales channel. The report is available for different time periods.

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