Amazon Inventory and Order Management

Scale your business on Amazon with easier and more efficient control of key aspects. Use our Amazon inventory and order management software to:

Universal solution for Amazon sellers

Unlike most Amazon inventory management softwares Ysell.pro’s solution is comprehensive. The feature allows you to create and adjust listings, transmit stock information, receive and process orders, and track returns. Ysell.pro tools are equally suitable for both FBM and FBA models.

Amazon inventory management system

Track your Amazon inventory in real time and manage your inventory efficiently:

1. Add multiple warehouses for centralized inventory management.

2. Specify the warehouses from which inventory should be tracked on Amazon. The stock is generated based on the selected storage locations and does not account for inventory from other warehouses.

3. Track inventory levels at Amazon warehouses to replenish inventory on time.

4. Specify a virtual inventory level for the product if you don’t want to report real inventory levels to Amazon.

5. Ysell.pro software has the functionality to automatically control Amazon minimum and maximum inventory levels. When a predefined level is reached, the system will notify you when you need to replenish your inventory.

Amazon inventory management system
Amazon order management system

Amazon order management system

Ysell.pro system has a wide range of functionality for Amazon order management.
1. Ysell.pro automatically downloads all orders from Amazon, allowing you to process FBA, FBM and Amazon Prime orders.

2. A detailed status system allows you to efficiently manage the fulfillment of each Amazon order. You can track new, completed, and returned orders, as well as orders with errors that require additional processing. The system records status changes so you can track your order’s progress at any time.

3.Order information is stored in the system. You have information about each order and customer at your fingertips.

4. Integration with Shipstation and carriers (DHL, DHL Express, UPS, Warenpost, InPost, DPD) allows you to automatically select the best carrier and create shipping labels.

5. Ysell.pro can send order shipping data and tracking number to Amazon.

Amazon listing creation and management

1) Import items using a csv-file to get you started quickly with Ysell.pro. It’s easy and doesn’t require hours of manual work. Or you can create all products manually and link them to your existing Amazon listings.

2) Create and edit listings with Ysell.pro. You can fill in all the text fields (title, bullet points, keywords, description), add photos and features and upload to the marketplace. Later, you can also make changes and update the data.

3) Calculate price and manage cost of goods. Create a template to calculate the price based on the purchase price, platform fees, taxes and margin. The price is automatically submitted to Amazon. And integration with ChannelMax allows you to automatically adjust the cost of items on Amazon, maximizing BuyBox percentages with built-in algorithms.

Learn more about product listings management here.

Amazon listing creation and management
Detailed Amazon reporting

Detailed reporting

Ysell.pro software offers a large number of built-in reports to analyze your performance and make business decisions. You can access reports on all Amazon marketplace sales (separately for each marketplace), warehouse inventory levels, FBA warehouse balances, and much more. Reports can be downloaded for further processing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Amazon inventory and order management covers the operations of planning, controlling, and organizing inventory, as well as processing and fulfilling customer orders. It’s important for a seller to get all of these processes right because they all affect their ranking on the Amazon marketplace. Amazon offers sellers its own powerful FBA inventory management system. However, if you also work with the FBM model or store and sell products in multiple countries, you need an additional system to help you centrally manage all processes.
The use of Amazon inventory and order management software has a number of benefits. The software automates processes, improves inventory accuracy and reliability, optimizes inventory levels, improves order management, and makes information more accessible. It reduces operating costs, improves customer service, and increases the efficiency of Amazon’s operations.

Ysell.pro software also integrates with other popular shopping carts and marketplaces