3PL Billing and Invoicing Software

Generate invoices in a couple of clicks and secure your business by working on pre-payment

Functionality for billing and invoicing

Ysell.pro software enables 3PL to organise the entire billing process with the client – from accounting for provided services and generating invoices to automatic debiting of the client’s balance.

This enables 3PL to build a transparent and trusting financial relationship with each client.

Automated service accounting

3PL compiles a list of the provided services and their costs (with the option to set individual rates for clients). The system automatically fixes the services provided for each completed order or processed shipment. A service can also be added manually to an order or a shipment.

The system generates an invoice based on the fixed services.


Goods storage costs

The Ysell.pro system automatically calculates the volume of goods that the client keeps in the 3PL warehouse. All you need to do is specify the parameters of the box with the goods and the cost per cubic metre or inch. It is also possible to calculate the usage of shelf or pallet space.

A space usage report is generated automatically every month. Or it can be generated manually at any time.


Invoice generation

In the Ysell.pro system, invoices are generated based on shipments with different types (storage, purchase, dispatch, etc.). Shipments can be filtered by type, status, client and other parameters for convenience.

The system generates an order for a client based on the selected outstanding shipments. The order lists all services rendered and their costs. Then 3PL generates an invoice.


Payment and client balance

In the generated order, the 3PL can select the payment method. The advantage of the Ysell.pro software is the prepayment feature. It is possible to open a balance, which the client has to deposit to continue receiving services.

This way 3PL can secure itself against unscrupulous customers. The bill will be automatically debited from the client’s balance.

A report is available for each client with information on all invoices issued and their payment status.



3PL can generate reports with information on stored goods and shipped orders for each customer. These can be generated either manually at any time or automatically at the beginning of each month. These reports can also be used to generate invoices for customers.


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