Inventory Management Software with Shopify Integration

Integrate your Shopify store with software and get a comprehensive solution for warehouse inventory and order management
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Direct integration of software and Shopify for efficient inventory management

The integration of software and Shopify opens many possibilities for inventory, orders and product management. All tools together are your ready to use solution for optimizing your Shopify related workflows.

Catalog import software allows you to quickly import all products from Shopify into the system, avoiding hours of manual work. Nevertheless you can also create a product manually if necessary.

Inventory Tracker software transmits real-time data on the stock level of each item to the Shopify platform. This makes it easy to control inventory and minimize the risk of overselling.

Multi location inventory

Connect multiple warehouses to your account at once. You can either merge all of your stocks, or select the warehouses whose stock levels need to be transferred to the Shopify platform. Stocks from other warehouses will not be accounted for.

Order Management

As soon as an order is placed, its information is automatically uploaded from Shopify to You can edit the information, add comments, change the order package and much more.

Order Fulfillment

The built-in status system takes into account every stage that an order passes on its way to the buyer. records all status changes. You can return to the order at any moment and track which stages it has passed. You can also automatically transmit the order track number to Shopify.


In you can create templates for calculating the cost of goods. The template can take into account the purchase price, markup, platform fees. The final cost can be static or dynamically change depending on the purchase price. The price is automatically transferred to your Shopify store.

Reporting generates a large number of built-in reports. With them you can analyze sales from Shopify in detail, compare them with other platforms, detect unprofitable products, track inventory changes, and much more. inventory management software integrates with other popular marketplaces in addition to Shopify


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