Cloud-Based Solution for Multi-Channel Ecommerce

Scalable web-based software for multi channel ecommerce management. Integrate sales channels and easily manage inventory, orders and listings from a centralized system
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Inventory management system for ecommerce business is a web-based software, which was developed as a comprehensive solution for multi-channel ecommerce. features include a number of direct integrations with popular marketplaces and shopping carts (Amazon, Ebay, Shopify), as well as many marketplaces in Europe.

The availability of direct integration opens a lot of opportunities for users.

Orders from all sales channels in one place allows you to receive orders from all sales channels by combining them in one system. This makes order processing and fulfillment easier and faster. You no longer need to go to all platforms to process the orders you receive.

Inventory management and tracking

Thanks to integration, stock level data for each product is transmitted to all marketplaces in real time. This makes it possible to always display up-to-date information and thus avoid unwanted overselling. It is also possible to add a virtual stock level for a product.

Updating listings directly from the system software allows you to manage listings on marketplaces directly from the system. Adjust prices, change information, or completely create a listing in and upload it to the marketplace.

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