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Our software offers features for automatic stock counting and keeping. Split or combine product inventory across multiple warehouses, keep track of kit inventory, receive low stock alerts and more in the online stock management system.


Transfer inventory data automatically and in real time to all marketplaces and online stores. For example, if an item is purchased on Amazon, the stock will also be smaller on all connected marketplaces. This minimizes the risk of selling more items than you have in stock.

of Inventory

Combine or divide the stock for sales channels. For each sales channel, you can specify the warehouses from which inventory will be counted. For example, for the stock in the Germany warehouse will be counted, and for only the stock in the UK warehouse.


For orders that come into the system for processing, the system automatically reserves the stock. This way you can be sure that you will not sell an item twice.

for Sets

At, you can bundle multiple products into one set. The stock of a bundle will be determined by the product with the lowest stock value. When a set is sold, the stock of individual products will also be updated.
Group 115

Level Control can automatically control the minimum and maximum balance for each product. When a pre-set minimum is reached, the system will alert you to the need to replenish stock.

Control gives you the opportunity to adjust the stock level for the product yourself. In case of shrinkage or other unforeseen situations, the product stock level can be adjusted manually.

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