Affiliate program for Sellers​

Enjoy the benefits of working with fulfillment centers or prep centers that use software

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Choose a 3PL center for your business that also uses software

Our software has a separate module with functions for fulfillment centers and prep centers. Several 3PL providers in different countries are already using the system. You can easily collaborate with them.
You can find all fulfillment centers and prep centers using on the map below.
  • Optimization of work. The fulfillment center is fully focused on the fulfillment of orders. Experienced employees work in the warehouse, and all processes are flawless and mostly automated. At the same time, order fulfillment takes a minimum of time. Thus, you save a lot of resources, both time and money.

  • Business expansion. If you want to start selling in a new country without having a warehouse there, or enter a new market, contact a 3PL provider or preparation center.
  • It is easy to connect. You do not create a new account, but continue to work with your account. An account can be used for both local warehouse management and 3PL. Working with a fulfillment or prep center requires minimal setup. There is no need to understand the new interface.

  • Free Software. The functionality to work with fulfillment centers is free and included in all tariffs.
Please note that we only offer you the technical possibility to cooperate with a fulfillment center, but we do not sign any contracts.
You need to negotiate directly with the fulfillment center.

Fulfilment centers and prep centers that use 3PL software


Fulfillment-Box (ES)


Fulfillment-Box (CA)


Fulfillment-Box (PL)


Fulfillment-Box (DE)

United Kingdom


Fulfillment-Box (UK)

United States

Fulfillment-Box (Miami)

Fulfilllment-Box (Chicago)




PrepCenter 30Cents


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