Multi Location Inventory Management

Centralized inventory management for all your warehouses

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Use software for multi-location inventory management

Multiple warehouse management, connection of fullfilment centers, movement of stock between locations with a history of changes. All this in one account.

Centralized Inventory Control keeps detailed inventory records of each product. You will be able to keep track of both the total quantity of the product and the stock in each individual warehouse or fullfilment center. You can also record the location of the product in the warehouse. In addition, keeps track of inventory levels in the FBA warehouse.

Stock Transfer

Move goods from one warehouse to another or to a fulfillment center in just a couple of clicks. All moves and changes are recorded in the system, so you can track the movement of each product.

Stock Separation

If necessary, you can define for each sales channel the warehouse(s) where the stock should be accounted for. In this way, only the amount of goods that are in the specified warehouse will be available on the sales channel, even if the goods are stored somewhere else.

Warehouse Selecting has a feature allowing you to set up automatic detection of the warehouse from which the order will be sent, depending on the location of the client, sales platform or product. And if necessary, the warehouse can be changed manually.

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