Multi Location Inventory Management Software

Ysell.pro multi-location inventory management software turns complex warehouse logistics into a streamlined, efficient process.

Capabilities of multi-location inventory management software

Simultaneous management of multiple warehouses and integration with 3PL partners


Transfer of goods between warehouses with a few mouse clicks


Detailed history of inventory changes for each warehouse and product


Multi-location inventory control

Multi-location inventory control

Up-to-date information on inventory levels across multiple warehouses in one central place:

1. Analyze the data for each warehouse to get an overview of the stock levels of all products.
2. Analyze the stock of each product to get the total stock and adjust the distribution of goods among warehouses.
3. Filter items by warehouse, sales, availability, tags, etc. to get detailed statistics.

Location Tracking

Track the exact location of items across multiple warehouses. Add a list of shelves and pallets with unique IDs and barcodes for each warehouse.

Enter the location information when a product arrives at the warehouse.

Location Tracking
Synchronization with marketplaces and stock distribution

Synchronization with marketplaces and stock distribution

Link warehouses and distribution channels for more efficient inventory distribution.

The distribution channel has access to the quantity of goods in the specified warehouses, even if the goods are stored elsewhere. For example, you can combine inventory in warehouses in Germany and Poland for sales in the European Union and use the warehouse in the United Kingdom only for local marketplaces.

Inventory data in stores and warehouses is synchronized in real time.

Selecting a warehouse to ship the order

Set up automatic warehouse determination for order processing.

The system can take into account the delivery address, sales channel or product type. This saves you valuable time when processing and shipping new orders. And if necessary, you can change the warehouse manually.

Selecting a warehouse to ship the order

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Frequently Asked Questions

Multi-location inventory management software is a solution for companies with more than one warehouse. The system provides complete inventory visibility and enables centralized inventory management. The quality software synchronizes with distribution channels and provides inventory reallocation and order management functions.

Efficient manual inventory management in multiple warehouses is nearly impossible. It leads either to errors or to catastrophic delays in order processing. The software creates a coordination center between warehouses and automates all routine processes as much as possible.