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Monitor Inventory Levels

To avoid product shortages and the resulting loss of sales, you need to have access to current inventory levels. With software, you can monitor both the total stock in your warehouse and the stock in all FBA warehouses.

Avoid overpaying for storage

Amazon FBA can be very costly for a seller. For example, if an item is stored for too long, you will have to pay for it. With built-in FBA logic and detailed inventory reports, you can make sure you ship just the right amount of products, when and where you need them.

Manage FBA shipments software offers the possibility to create FBA shipments in the system and automatically load FBA labels and transport labels according to the partner program. In addition, this feature allows you to bypass the automatic distribution of stock to FBA warehouses, giving you the opportunity to pick the stock you need yourself. The information about the shipments remains in the system and you can view it at any time.

Amazon Transparency

With software you can work with products that participate in the Amazon Transparency Program and also create the labels yourself.

Order information

The system downloads all FBA orders. You can access all information about each order at any time, including customer information.

Listing management

The system also has a special function for managing offers. You can create and edit offers, change prices and much more directly in the system. Learn more here.

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