Ebay Inventory and Order Management Software

Scale your business on Ebay with the powerful inventory and order management software Ysell.pro. Increase your seller rating and sales with end-to-end control of all processes.

Key features of Ysell.pro software and Ebay marketplace integration

Automate the management of your Ebay store along with other sales channels. Ysell.pro’s comprehensive solution includes tools for centralized warehouse inventory, order and listing management.

Ebay stock control and management

Track your Amazon inventory in real time and manage your inventory efficiently:

1. Manage inventory across multiple warehouses. Connect all warehouses and distribute inventory efficiently. Specify the warehouses from which the system should transfer inventory to Ebay. Inventory from other locations will not be counted.

2. Real-time inventory tracking. Synchronizing inventory data in Ysell.pro and Ebay minimizes the risk of unwanted overselling and simplifies inventory planning.

3. Virtual warehouse. In addition to actual stock levels, you can specify a virtual warehouse for the product.

4. Inventory level control. Set the maximum or minimum stock level threshold. The system will automatically notify you when the threshold is reached.

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Ebay stock control and management
Ebay order management

Ebay order management

The Ysell.pro software automatically downloads Ebay orders for further processing. Sales management becomes more efficient thanks to the system’s powerful functionality.

1. The status system makes it easy to track the progress of each order. You can view the history of status updates at any time.

2. Ysell.pro stores all order information, including customer data. So you can always go back to your order and check it.

3. For each order you can leave comments and notes for your colleagues or warehouse staff.

4. Integration with Shipstation and leading carriers. This allows you to automatically select the best carrier and generate shipping labels.

5. Ysell.pro transmits order shipping details and tracking number to Ebay.

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Ebay listing management

1) Catalog Filling. Import all items from Ebay in a few clicks or add them manually and link them to existing Ebay listings.

2) Creating and editing the listing. Ysell.pro software allows you to create a product card directly in the system and export it to Ebay. Edit the title, description, photo and other information. You can create categories in the system and associate them with the existing categories on Ebay or manually specify the Ebay category ID for each item.

3) Price creation and adjustment. The built-in tool allows you to create templates to calculate the cost of goods based on the purchase price, marketplace fees and taxes. The resulting cost can remain static or change dynamically based on the purchase price. The price is automatically submitted to Ebay.

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Ebay listing management
Ebay Reporting


Ysell.pro software gives you access to a large number of built-in reports. Use them to analyze your sales, monitor your inventory levels and make informed business decisions. You can also download reports for further processing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ebay inventory and order management involves all sub-processes related to planning, distribution, accounting, replenishment, and customer order fulfillment. Efficient inventory and order management helps Ebay sellers minimize errors and provide a high-quality customer experience.

The use of inventory and order management software on the Ebay platform has several advantages. The software automates processes related to inventory, demand forecasting, order fulfillment, and shipping management. This improves inventory accuracy, reduces order fulfillment time, and improves customer service. It also provides centralized information storage, facilitates data monitoring and analysis, and helps improve the efficiency of Ebay platform operations.

Ysell.pro software also integrates with other popular shopping carts and marketplaces