User Access Management

Create accounts and manage access rights for each user

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Flexible configuration of employee access to company information and functions

Depending on the subscription, you can add a certain number of users to your account and set a different access level for each of them

Selecting User Roles

Admin – has access to all areas

Manager – has access to all work areas, but does not have access to company administrative areas

Packer – has access to orders and product creation, but no access to company and account settings
Buyer – has access to shipments, but no access to company and account settings


User Status

You can simply deactivate the account if you do not want to delete it completely. It can, of course, be reactivated at any time.


Access Restriction

For each user (including the administrator), you can specify which companies they are allowed to work with. Accordingly, the employee will not have access to other companies.



You can specify Telegram or a user’s email so they can receive notifications about the product’s low inventory or delivery status.

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