Catalog, Product and SKU Management System

Manage your catalog efficiently at the product or SKU level with Ysell.pro inventory management software

Creation and organization of the product catalog - from categories to SKU

Product information management

Product information management

Sending product information to the platform

In addition to the standard functions for submitting inventory information to marketplaces, Ysell.pro software also provides tools for editing the listing itself.

Product price transfer and pricing

Price transfer and pricing

Ysell.pro software allows you to send information on the price of goods to marketplaces. Thus, you can manage the cost of goods on all marketplaces from your Ysell.pro account.

You can create a formula to automatically calculate the price. This feature allows you to take into account the purchase price of the product, tax, marketplace fee, markups and other factors. The generated price can be both static and dynamic (change depending on the purchase price of the product).

In addition, it is possible to set the minimum and maximum price of the product, which will be transmitted to the Repricer. This is a tool that allows you to automatically change the price within the given min and max, taking into account the level of competitors’ prices.

Creation and modification of listings

For some marketplaces, Ysell.pro software offers the possibility to fill in the product offer directly in the system and then export it to the marketplace. Later, you can make changes to the offer using the same functionality. This way you can send the title, bullet points, description, main product photo and gallery to the platform. This functionality is currently available for Amazon, Ebay, WordPress+Woocommerce, Kaufland, Otto, Allegro and Cdiscount.

listings creation and modification

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