Key Features of the Inventory Management System

Manage your inventory, catalog and multi-channel orders in one place thanks to the extensive capabilities of the software

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Wide range of features for a complete inventory and sales management in one single system

Take a look at the features list of our inventory management software and you’ll realize that offers rich e-commerce business capabilities.


Add users and manage their roles and accesses.

Stock Management

Track and manage your inventory in real time.

Multiple Locations Inventory

Connect multiple warehouses and manage the inventory in one account.

Order Management

Fully control your orders from receipt to fulfillment.

Multichannel Sales

Combine orders from all sales channels in one system.

Barcode Scanner

Use a mobile scanner to automate warehouse processes.

Catalog Management

Organize your catalog and manage your listings directly from the system.


Generate and download multiple reports to analyze results and make decisions.

Functionality for Amazon FBM / FBA

Amazon is an e-commerce giant that makes money for millions of sellers around the world. We took this into account when developing the software and added separate features for working with Amazon FBM and FBA. What makes different from other software is the ability to generate and upload listings to the marketplace right in the system through direct integration. In addition, you can manage product prices, receive and process orders, create FBA shipments and much more.

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