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Analyze your business progress reports in our inventory management system
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Reporting system for detailed analysis of your inventory and sales

Informative Dashboard

Get quick statistics for any company when you visit your account. See how many orders have been completed or returned, how many are in the queue and how many have errors and need additional processing. You will also get the totals for each marketplace.

Order Reports software collects detailed information about each order. Analyze your orders by sales channels, time ranges, status and other parameters. There is also a separate report on FBA orders.

Stock Reports software collects for you information about each product’s inventory and its history. There are also reports with general information about the inventory in each local warehouse and in the FBA warehouse. Make decisions about reorders, product profitability and the need for a new shipment to the FBA warehouse.

Report for the Audit

The system has a built-in KPMG report that contains information on all sales and can be downloaded and submitted to the tax office.


You can download reports, so you can work with the data in a convenient format and make informed business decisions based on them.

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