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Order management system

An order management system (OMS) is software that automates order processing and fulfillment. Among the most important features of the order management system is integration with marketplaces. 

In this way, the required order and customer information can be automatically uploaded to the system, integrating all sales channels in one place. Using an OMS is an important consideration when optimizing your e-commerce business. 

The ideal solution is to use software that integrates inventory and order management tools.

The web-based software Ysell.pro offers many features for order management and fulfillment

Order Management Tools

Multichannel Sales

Manage all your orders centrally. Connect your marketplaces and online stores to automatically import all orders into the system. We currently offer a number of direct integrations with marketplaces and shopping carts. These include Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, and Woocommerce. Orders from other platforms can be uploaded to the system via Shipstation integration.

If necessary, you can also create an order manually in the system.

Manual Order Editing

Ysell.pro software allows you to correct information about your order before it is executed. You can add or change items to the order, change the quantity of purchased goods and their cost, edit the payment address and delivery address. You can also add your own comments with important information for employees.


The integration allows you to upload all the data about the order and the customer into the system – payment and delivery address, customer’s contact information and comments about the order, payment date, identifiers and quantity of goods. You can leave notes about each order. The system also records the history of changes in the order. In this way, you will always have a single database with complete information about all orders and the process of their fulfillment.

Processing of Returns

Ysell.pro software has a separate function for processing and managing returns. A returned order has its own status that allows you to identify it in the system. You can quickly add returned new items to the inventory or create a new line item for used items by specifying their status.

Order Fulfillment Management System
(Picking, Packing and Shipping)

Order Status

For effective order management, Ysell.pro software has a system of statuses assigned to orders based on their degree of completion. This way you can track how many orders have been received and shipped, which orders are still unpaid or contain errors, and you can track returns. You can also freeze an order if it hasn’t been fulfilled yet for any reason.

Integration with Barcode Scanner

The compatibility of Ysell.pro software with a mobile scanner allows error-free picking. The mobile scanner prevents the wrong item from being added to the order by reporting product information as it scans.

Integration with Shipstation

The Ysell.pro software is integrated with the Shipstation system. This makes the process of creating shipping labels easier and more efficient. Depending on the recipient’s address and the size of the package, the service automatically selects the cheapest carrier and creates the label.

Rules for picking and packing

Individual picking rules can be set for each product and the packaging material in which the product is to be shipped can be assigned. A note becomes visible when the order enters the system. In this way, warehouse employees can follow the defined rules. It is also possible to add a note directly to the order before it is prepared for shipment.

Warehouse Selection

Ysell.pro software allows you to set up automatic assignment of orders to warehouses depending on the destination country, marketplace or type of goods. You can also manually specify the warehouse from which the order will be shipped.


Ysell.pro software offers automatic creation of invoices for orders. The invoice will contain information about the ordered goods, their quantity and value, and the system will automatically calculate VAT. You can customize your invoice by specifying the VAT country and bank details.

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