Warehouse inventory management​

Overview of the key features of the Ysell.pro warehouse inventory management system
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Warehouse inventory management software for e-commerce business development

WMS is a system that is simply necessary for effective warehouse inventory management. Small businesses can use spreadsheets for this purpose. But the larger the assortment becomes and the more the number of orders grows, the more difficult it is to keep the summary up to date. And if there are multiple warehouses? All this makes you think about using a WMS.
The key features of an online warehouse management system are:
Even better is when the WMS is part of a centralized system that has other features for complete inventory management. As in the case of Ysell.pro.

The capabilities of Ysell.pro as an online system for warehouse stock management

Multiple Warehouse Inventory Management

Ysell.pro allows a company to connect multiple warehouses and fulfillment centers simultaneously and manage inventory. Accounting and statistics are kept for each warehouse separately. It is also possible to configure the priority of warehouses when sending orders and many other useful features.

Warehouse Inventory Tracking

Inventory for each warehouse is tracked in real time. Every movement or receipt of goods, every purchase is accounted for and displayed immediately in the inventory. The location of items in each warehouse is also tracked.

Change History

The history of stock changes is available for each product. You can track when and how many items were added or written off, as well as the lot for which the product was added or written off (shippment or order). Statistics is available for each warehouse where goods are stored. Data can be unloaded as a report.

Order Rules

The “Order rules” function allows you to determine from which warehouse or fullfilment center (prep center) the order will be shipped. It is possible to configure the priority between warehouses (depending on the product, SKU or marketplace) so that the system automatically determines and assigns a warehouse for each order.


Warehouse inventory management system Ysell.pro has many built-in reports which, among other things, allow you to analyze statistics on stock balances. Thanks to the reports, you can keep track of where and what inventories are to be replenished and how often a particular product should be purchased.

Using a Barcode Scanner

Ysell.pro system supports the functionality of mobile barcode scanner. It can be used for checking goods, receiving or transferring goods from warehouse to warehouse and other activities related to product identification. The scanner can work in any browser.

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