User Access Management and Client Connection

Tools for flexible management of user access and client connections

Create and configure employee accounts

Unlimited number of employee accounts
Barcodes for quick access to the system with a scanner
Unique numbers to identify each employee

Assign roles to employees

Ysell.pro system offers several levels of access for your employees:

Admin – access to all information in the system and the ability to edit;
Manager – access to all sections except company settings;
Purchaser – access to supplier information and editing product prices;
Packer – access to edit all information in the Products section.
You can assign several roles to one user at the same time.

Add individual access and authorisation settings

You can individually expand or limit access for each user:
Define the companies that the user can work with. The employee will not have access to the rest of the business customers.
Configure which sections the employee can view and which can be edited.
Also, each account can be deactivated (instead of deleted) and reactivated.

Easily connect clients to the 3PL system

Create accounts and connect clients in just a few minutes
Create customised settings and rates for your clients
Connect existing client accounts rather than create new ones
The number of clients available for connection depends on the subscription plan.

Offer customers more options

By default, your customer’s account has a Basic level and includes the basic functions required to work with 3PL. The customer can extend the access level according to the subscription plans for the local warehouse.

This will allow him to use Ysell.pro as a WMS system, as well as access additional features. For example, such as working with a supplier.
Options for User Access Management

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