Purchase Order Management

Offer your customers the opportunity to interact with suppliers via a fulfillment center.

Receive shipments or make purchases for the customer

Supplier base creation

Allow the client to create a supplier base

To start working with 3PL on purchase orders, your client needs to create a database of his suppliers. The client can do this manually or by importing a csv file.

The client also adds supplier information for each product.

Among other things, the client can specify the product number from the supplier, its purchase price (including discount price), a link to the product page, and add personal notes.

Accept goods directly from the supplier

The Supplier Reorder tool enables 3PLs to automate the process of receiving a customer’s goods directly from the supplier.


If the item ordered is not in stock at the 3PL, the system makes the order redundant.


The customer processes the orders and then creates a detailed final shipment for 3PL.


3PL receives a shipment that contains all the necessary data – information about the supplier and the goods to be received in the warehouse.

The client immediately marks the desired service (storage of goods), which is automatically recorded for invoicing.
Supplier Reorder tool
Purchases instead of the client

Do purchases instead of the client

The Purchase Shipment tool gives 3PLs the ability to replenish client inventory by purchasing goods directly from the supplier.


The customer generates the shipment. S/he enters information about the supplier, the list of goods and can leave his/her own purchasing instructions for the 3PL.


After sending the shipment to the fulfilment centre, the client can keep track of the progress. The built-in status system shows at what stage the shipment is – confirmed, picked up, completed, etc.


As long as the shipment is not processed, it can be recalled at any time to make changes. This allows the client to correct errors without direct interaction with 3PL.


3PL can generate the customer’s invoice directly from the shipment.

*Please note that the supplier functionality will not be available to your customers with a standard account. To access the supplier management tools, your client must upgrade their account to a Classic or higher plan according to the local warehouse subscription plans.

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