Real-Time Notification System

Use a real-time notification system to inform customers about changes or errors in orders and shippings and other important events

Keep customers informed of all important developments

Send notifications to customers via Telegram or email

Use variables in templates to personalise emails

Attach your own files, invoices or return labels to notifications

Automatic notifications

The system provides the following types of automatic notifications:

– shipment status changes (Transfer, Pending, Processing, Controlling, Pay, Closed);
– new FBM orders;
– errors in the order (wrong address, invalid weight, etc.);
– low stock levels.

The customer can choose the notification type and channel (telegram or email). 3PL can create its own notification template (email subject, text, variables, etc.).

Notifications in Ysell.pro

In addition to email and Telegram, 3PL can leave notifications for customers directly in the Ysell.pro system.

Special messages which are displayed in shippings and orders can inform the customer about errors. For example, if the value of the order exceeds 1,000 euros and an electronic declaration is required.

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