3PL software Ysell.pro integrations

Check out Ysell.pro’s software integrations and the opportunities they open up for 3PLs and their customers

Offer customers multi-channel inventory and order management

Automatic order uploading

Thanks to direct integration with shopping carts and marketplaces, all customer orders are automatically uploaded and sent to the 3PL account. This makes the order fulfilment process faster and more efficient.

Inventory tracking

Customers will be able to automatically transfer inventory data to all marketplaces and shopping carts. In this way, 3PL can offer its customers more efficient inventory management.

Automate customer shipments

The Ysell.pro system allows 3PLs to create direct integrations with shipping companies.

Contract the right delivery service and create shipping labels directly in your Ysell.pro account.

Integration with Shipstation

Enable your customers to integrate with Shipstation. Shipstation acts as an aggregator for receiving orders from those platforms with which Ysell.pro does not have a direct integration.

3PL can also use Shipstation to work with shipping services to automate carrier selection based on parcel type and generate shipping labels.

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