3PL Order Management System

3PL system Ysell.pro simplifies and automates order management for third-party logistics providers and their clients

3PL order management system Ysell.pro
3PL order management software Ysell.pro - for fulfillment and FBA prep center

Order fulfillment control - from receipt to picking and shipping

We have developed a 3PL order management system that regulates every step in the order fulfillment process. Ysell.pro software allows 3PLs to optimise and automate the process as much as possible without losing control.

Service accounting

Fix the cost of fulfillment for each order to automate billing. In addition to the standard rate, 3PL can specify charges at the product level (e.g. use of additional packaging material). These will be added to the total cost if the order contains this product.


Order receiving

Take client orders into processing without wasting time checking data or risking to send an unpaid order. Orders with errors (no payment, incomplete delivery address, out of stock, etc.) cannot be transferred to the 3PL account. The rest of the orders are transferred automatically.


Order picking

Print shipping labels en masse by selecting the client’s company, stock and date range. Use the mobile barcode scanner to assemble the order. The storage system will help you quickly locate goods in the warehouse. When all items have been scanned, the system will inform you that the order has been collected.

Order packaging

Take into account the cost of packing the order. Create shipping box templates in the system and add barcodes for identification. You can make a surcharge on the packaging cost for an individual customer. Scan the box and the system will add the packaging cost to the order (including the surcharge).


Order shipping

Set up API integration with shipping services to receive shipping labels. Add rates by country (including flat or percentage charges). The shipping cost will be taken into account when the order is shipped. You can also receive Amazon shipping labels for sending FBM orders.


Process tracking

Keep track of your progress using statuses. The order status changes automatically depending on the actions taken (e.g. when the order has moved to a fulfillment center, or when all products have been scanned). It is also possible to filter orders by statuses.


Convenient system of client interaction

3PL OMS Ysell.pro automates client interaction at all stages. A number of useful tools minimise the need for face-to-face communication and help build a transparent relationship with the client.

Data synchronisation. The client can see where the order is at and receives a tracking number as soon as the order has been shipped.
Instructions. The client can leave comments on the order or notes on the product. 3PL will see them when it takes over the order.
Order freezing. The client can freeze an order. It will not be sent to the 3PL account, or will be recalled (if previously sent).
Transparent accounting. The client sees the received services and their cost per order. 3PL can manually add or remove any of the services.
3PL Order Management System

Give customers the ability to control

A client can use a Ysell.pro account to collaborate with several 3PL providers or to manage a local warehouse. Therefore, we offer a flexible setup system to help settle orders in such a case.

The Order rules functionality enables the customer to set the algorithm for the system.

Based on product type, recipient country and marketplace, the system will determine whether an order is to be sent from a local warehouse, from a 3PL warehouse or via FBA.

This way, the customer does not have to allocate orders manually and fear a mistake.

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