Returns Management Software

Special reverse logistics management functionality for 3PLs

Returns Management Software

Complete returns and Amazon FBA removals management

Ysell.pro software allows 3PLs to manage different return scenarios, adapting to client requirements.

Processing instructions

The customer can leave notes for each product on what needs to be done when the return is received (check serviceability, repack, recycle, etc.) The instructions will be displayed on the return order when 3PL takes it over.

3PL may enter information about arrangements with the customer or other important notes (separately for returns and removals). This information will be displayed on each return or removal order.

Marketplace integration

Direct integration with marketplaces and shopping carts allows automatic loading of orders into the system. This is essential for quick and accurate order identification when a return is received. Integration with Amazon also allows to upload information about the created removals.

Returns and removals processing

All processing of returns takes place on the order page.

3PL checks the goods received and notes their condition (new, used, defective, etc.). For used goods, the system automatically creates an ID which will be linked to the main goods (new). The 3PL can also immediately indicate the quantity of goods to be disposed of.

Accepted goods are added to the stock.

Accounting for provided services

The system records the services provided when processing a return or remuval. 3PL selects the service manually, depending on the type of return and the actions performed on the goods. The provided services will be taken into account when generating the client’s invoice.
Accounting for provided returns management services

Interaction with the client

As soon as the 3PL processes a return, information about this will be displayed in the client’s account. It will include details of the number of items accepted, their status, and the services provided.

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