Service Catalogue Management

Create and configure your own fullfilment services catalogue.
Ysell.pro software enables fulfillment centers and prep centres to configure services in detail. This allows for transparent accounting of services for each client and automated invoice generation.
3PL Services Catalogue Management

Default services

Ysell.pro already includes a certain list of default services. These are the basic services required for a 3PL company to operate. For the default services, it is possible to edit the price, status and description.

Custom services

Ysell.pro allows 3PLs to add your own services. A large number of detailed settings are available when creating a service – selecting the type of shipment, calculating the final cost, labeling and more.

Basic and Extra services

All services are classified into two types – Basic and Extra. The Basic type refers to services that can be requested by the customer. The Extra type of service can only be initiated by a 3PL.

Service editing

3PL can activate or deactivate any service, change its description and cost. 3PL can change all custom services settings, as well as assign individual rates to each customer.

Overheads for goods

3PL can add services at product level. These will be added to other services if the order contains this product. For example, the use of additional packaging material. In this way, 3PL can take into account the difficulty of handling the goods.

Let the system automatically account for provided services

The system automatically records the services rendered, depending on the type of order or shipment and the actions that have been carried out. This is possible thanks to the detailed setup of each service. In addition to automatic recording, you can also add a service to an order manually. In addition, Ysell.pro has a tool for recording employee time. This enables 3PL to offer services at an hourly rate. Based on the provided services, the system will generate an invoice .

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