3PL Software with Barcode Scanner Ysell.pro

3PL Software with Mobile Barcode Scanner

Automate your warehousing processes with the mobile barcode scanner

Ysell.pro software - 3PL management system with barcode scanner integration

Use the barcode scanner when receiving or shipping packages and parcels.
Use the barcode scanner to find and identify products.
Use the barcode scanner to receive and identify return parcels.
Barcoding is one of the most important steps in optimising the warehouse processes of an external logistics service provider.

Barcodes minimise the risk of employees making a mistake when identifying a customer’s consignments or goods. It also significantly reduces the time spent on all warehouse processes – receiving goods in the warehouse, picking, inventory and other processes.

With the Ysell.pro 3PL software, you can use any mobile barcode scanner that supports the browser-based version. The system also has built-in functions for working with the mobile scanner.

It allows you to add, check and move goods from one storage location to another, it also allows you to set the path to the goods in the warehouse and import the customer’s goods into your 3PL account.

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